Seeing how much Rani values Callum, Harley starts to feel insecure about his girlfriend’s affections. Wanting to impress her, he begs Kyle for money, but his cousin is in no mood to help, so Harley steals a necklace left behind by Jade and gives it to Rani. Unfortunately, Kate recognises the necklace in school and confiscates it, informing Kyle of Harley’s wrongdoing. Kyle is livid and lets rip at his unruly relative, though Kate later persuades him to talk to Harley and find out why he steals.

It’s the day of Sonya’s baby shower and after a slow start everyone starts to have fun… that is until Toadie’s old friend Connor suddenly arrives. He promises not to interfere, but can’t help creating trouble, even causing an argument with Francesca over the baby’s name. When Toadie returns home, Sonya asks him to send Connor packing, but Toadie hesitates. Who will he side with – his best friend or his pregnant wife?

Harley admits that he steals because he feels he has nothing else to offer and, hoping to show Harley there’s another way to prove his worth, Kyle involves him in building a shed for the Kapoors.