Harold craves a normal life

Harold is determined to have a normal Christmas despite his poor health, but Steph worries that he’s overstretching himself. After a day of being fussed over by the neighbours, Harold’s patience wears thin. When the General Store is officially renamed after him and Lou makes a heartfelt speech, Harold cracks.

Rachel is horrified when she finds out that the record company want to sign her and not Ty. However, she is surprised when Ty tells her to go for it and that he sees the potential in being her songwriter. Rachel doubts she can do it but Ty doesn’t understand what her problem is and puts on the pressure, forcing a stressed-out Rachel to rip up the contract. Rachel is left wondering whose break was it anyway?

Sam interrupts the Kennedy Christmas with a baby crisis, and Libby is shocked when she learns that Sam has demanded Libby is to have nothing to do with the pregnancy. Susan picks up on the stress Sam is placing on Dan and Libby and that their relationship is suffering because of it. Despite Karl warning her not to interfere, Susan can’t help herself. But Sam’s a formidable opponent and refuses to back down.

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