Harold endangers baby Kerry’s life

Doting granddad Harold continues to stick his nose into baby Kerry’s parenting affairs, much to Sky’s despair. Fed up with Harold’s patronising attitude, she reminds her granddad that she is Kerry’s mother, not him. Later, Harold is looking after Kerry when his back goes, and in a heart-stopping moment, is unable to stop Kerry’s pram from rolling into the road. Luckily, Ringo saves it from toppling over, but, scared that Sky will find out, Harold asks Ringo to keep the incident a secret.

Meanwhile, Rosie’s suspicions that her dad Rocco isn’t really dying prove correct as she and Carmella discover that he’s only interested in getting his daughters to help save his failing business. Carmella enlists Oliver’s help to do Rocco’s dirty work, despite Rosie’s obvious disapproval.

Pepper visits Paul to collect a cheque from the blogzine and they end up sharing a passionate kiss. Although Pepper is secretly thrilled, she pretends the kiss left her cold, and Paul is left momentarily doubting his charisma.

After recovering from the shock of discovering who Oliver really is, Frazer encourages him to fight for the right to run his family business.

Also, Steiger confesses he’s got a secret passion for toy trains. Luckily, Janelle is understanding and agrees to accompany him to a toy train event at Lassiter’s despite Paul’s intervention order.