Harold finds solace at Madge’s graveside

Harold struggles to deal with his news and shuts Karl out. Karl’s worried by Harold’s denial and tries to reach him through a poignant welcome home speech at the street barbecue. Meanwhile, Zeke’s noticed Karl’s odd behaviour and his investigations lead him to worry that Karl is ill. Susan confronts Karl and he assures her he is not ill, but struggles to keep Harold’s secret. Needing space, Harold disappears from the barbecue and attempts to find solace at Madge’s gravesite.

Toadie is excited to hear Kelly’s coming to the barbeque but is shocked when Kelly suggests that Callum should repeat a year at school as he is a slow learner. Toadie is unimpressed by Kelly’s suggestion saying Callum will suffer if he has to go back a year and lose the friends he has made. Overhearing this, Callum is upset and finds a friend in Ringo.

The teens launch a full-scale protest at school. But Declan, already on rocky ground after missing recent training sessions, fears the publicity could derail his hopes for an AFL career. When Bridget finds out Dan has been suspended from teaching at school she gives up the fight saying she’d rather not go back to school if other people have to suffer because of her.

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