Harold can no longer contain his romantic feelings for Loris and spontaneously kisses her in the Scarlet Bar – but is left humiliated when Loris rejects him. Things get worse for Harold when he spots Loris kissing Ned who rejects her. Later, Loris realises how foolish she’s been and tries to make up with Harold, but it seems the damage has been done.

Katya is shocked when Guy Sykes, a face from her troubled past, turns up out of the blue and demands $10,000, telling her if she doesn’t pay up, he’ll reveal incriminating footage of her on a DVD.

Stingray wakes up drunk on a bench when a man runs up and puts a note in his pocket which reads ‘tell Steph I love her’. Could it have been Max? Toadie is furious with Stingray when he fails to remember details about the man and berates him for raising Steph’s hopes.

Elle almost confesses her sins against Max to Dylan, but he thinks her caring attitude is a ploy to persuade him to back her over the Lassiters redevelopment. Hurt Elle insists she would never do that and shocks Dylan by declaring she still loves him.

Also, Mishka and Janelle’s battle for Lou intensifies. But is Janelle really interested or is she just spoiling for a fight?