Harold discovers Amber overheard his advice to Daniel not to marry her. Lou’s impassioned defense of Amber sways Harold to agree to apologise to her, until Imogen tells him her own concerns. Finally Daniel loses patience with his unsupportive Granddad and retracts his invitation to the wedding. Fed up, Daniel and Amber privately make their wedding vows to each other.

With Chris and Lucy’s end of trimester scan approaching, Chris asks Toadie to appeal Nate’s visa ban. Nate reluctantly agrees and a meeting is set up with Toadie. But as Toadie shares insights into the joys of parenthood with Chris, Nate is side-tracked by Tyler’s flashy new remote control cars and misses the meeting, subconsciously choosing youthful fun over the responsibility of parenthood.

Having been accused by Naomi of still having feelings for Paige, Brennan lets Naomi know how he feels. He likes her – he really likes her – and he wants to see where things go between them. Naomi is coy, but chuffed, and after an energetic romp with Brennan, agrees for him to be her official boyfriend. Brennan is thrilled – they are officially a couple.