Karl is devastated when he receives Harold’s test results. After telling Harold that he has cancer, he struggles to deal with the news himself, as well as trying to support Harold. Harold goes into denial and tells Karl he doesn’t want anyone to know that he’s sick. When Karl tells him he has to have treatment or else he will die, Harold doesn’t back down and tells Karl to respect his wishes to be left alone.

Susan is pressured by Paul to run with the Punching Parkers story, but struggles to find a new lead. When she overhears Libby and Dan discussing the convenient timing of Andrew Simpson’s zero tolerance policy, she publishes an article that leads to an investigation. Andrew, aware that either Libby or Dan is the unnamed source, suspends them both.

Rebecca approaches Andrew to see if she can find some common ground between them and soften his stance on Bridget’s expulsion. But sparks fly when Andrew won’t budge on his zero-tolerance policy causing Rebecca to storm off in frustration.
When she sees Susan later she tells her what a waste it is that Andrew Simpson is such a loser! Could there be some chemistry between Rebecca and Andrew Simpson?

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