Harold takes a turn for the worse

Simon tries to make amends for upsetting Donna and tells Elle that Donna was forced out of their house. Elle brings Donna back to the Robinson home but Donna’s happiness is shortlived when Ringo blames her for a humiliating prank that left him stranded without any clothes, when it was Simon all along.

Simon knew Donna’s phone number is the only number Ringo knows off by heart so he stole his clothes and deleted all his contacts while he was washing at a local outdoor shower. When Ringo has a go at Donna, Harold comes to her rescue. But Harold’s health takes a turn for the worse and he ends up fighting for his life in hospital.

Elle and Lucas tell Susan they believe Zeke is alive. Susan is shaken but decides to get definite answers before telling Karl and Rachel. Susan and the police track down Phil Andrews, the man Elle and Lucas believe has Zeke. But she comes to a dead-end and finds herself grieving the loss of Zeke all over again.

Simon learns Paul has set up a hot date with his mother and attempts to stop Paul from going by super-gluing his front door shut, pulling his second prank of the day and infuriating Paul.

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