Harold reveals the truth behind his fear of Kate arriving, admitting that he pretended to be ‘Lou’ to impress her. After Lou’s failed attempts at educating Harold in the art of being Lou Carpenter, Harold decides to just be himself. But when this falls flat, Lou steps in and continues the lie.

After learning that Steph and Jay have planned a romantic weekend away, Toadie steps up his investigation into Jay. However he is frustrated at his inability to find any hard evidence. Taking Nicole’s advice, Toadie warns Steph not to go away with Jay. Steph is uninterested and dismisses Toadie as just a jealous ex-boyfriend.

Despite Steph’s protests, Nicola puts the newspaper articles about Jay in Steph’s bag as she and Jay drive off. Later, as they arrive in a barn in the middle of nowhere, Steph starts to read the articles and realises all is not right with Jay and Toadie could be on to something.

Concerned that Donna is developing a crush on him when she reveals she is transferring to Erinsborough High, Dan tries to slow things down with their counselling sessions. Meanwhile, Libby confronts Dan about Donna’s growing obsession with him.

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