Harold’s back in Ramsay Street!

The neighbours are pleased to see Harold back on Ramsay Street, especially Toadie, who asked him to come so he could help him work out what to do about Sonya. Needing to find out more for himself, Harold goes to see Sonya who thinks he’s there to tell her how horrible she’s been to Toadie. However, Harold assures her he is there to hear her side of the story if she’d be happy to share it with him.

Toadie is surprised when Harold admits he’d been to see Sonya and tells him he believed Sonya when she said she loved him, but Toadie is still sceptical. Harold tells Toadie that he has his support but only he can make the decision. With that, Toadie heads over to see Sonya and tells her he wants things to go back to how they were. However, when Callum tells Toadie that Sonya promised she’d never relapse, he is furious.

When Jade sees Kyle hitting on a girl in the park, she decides to challenge him as to who can get the most phone numbers for the other. However, when Jade sets Kyle up with a girl in Charlie’s she suddenly realises that Kyle is a good catch.

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