Lou has a surprise for Toadie and Daniel – Harold’s back! Everyone’s thrilled to have the Ramsay Street legend back in their lives, but what they don’t realise is that Harold is keeping a heartbreaking secret.

Brennan’s excited as he reapplies for the police force, but when Naomi nearly reveals the news to Tyler, Brennan explains he doesn’t want his brother knowing just yet. Naomi’s hurt by the shut-down and more so when Brennan thoughtlessly makes a dig about lying coming easy to her, so she makes it clear to Brennan he’s in her bad books. Meanwhile, Tyler gets in deeper with Dimato – but he doesn’t realise he’s being drawn into criminal activities.

Paige discovers that Bryson is still in town. He clocks her family-related upset and invites her for a coffee, where he offers advice on how to deal with her family’s plight. As their bond grows, Bryson impulsively tries to kiss her, which leaves Paige reeling and Bryson embarrassed. But as he’s about to leave town, Paige asks him to stay. She’s stunned when he rejects her request and dumps her.