Harold signs his house over to Carmella and Marco and prepares to leave the street. Elsewhere, Lou is still deeply affected by Harold’s imminent departure. Harold has a heart to heart with Lou, and is devastated when Lou tells him that the thought of him moving away is scaring him. Harold decides he has no choice but to renege on his deal with Carmella and Marco.

Carmella, Oliver and Marco ask Toadie to be baby Chloe’s godfather. Meanwhile, Carmella tries to prove to Marco that she really isn’t bothered about having more kids, by giving Chloe’s baby clothes to Rosie. Realising that Carmella is hiding something, Rosie forces her to reveal all about Marco’s secret. Shocked, Rosie urges Carmella to reassess her relationship before it’s too late.

Daniel and Libby’s burgeoning romance brings them close to sealing things with a kiss, but their heads overrule their hearts. Sick of the games, Daniel finally bites the bullet and asks Libby out on a proper date.

Also, Oliver and Mia’s relationship heats up when Oliver insists they stop hiding it from everyone despite Mia’s objections.

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