Harold tells Lou to take Kyle back at the car yard, but Lou refuses, saying he can cope on his own. Worried about his health, Harold instructs Lucas to keep an eye on Lou, to check he’s not overdoing it. However, Lucas doesn’t see when Lou has a dizzy spell and later, when no one’s there, Lou collapses.

Having lost his bet to Lou, and now without savings or a job, Kyle tells Jade and Kate he’s thinking of moving west to work in the mines. Desperate to keep him close and stop him leaving, Jade sets Kyle up with one of her personal training clients, Nicky, who invests in new businesses. Kyle’s thrilled and Jade’s happy with herself for helping.

Later, at Charlie’s, Jade and Sonya are chatting about the house warming party when Jade notices Kyle and Nicky getting close in what was meant to be a business meeting. However, she bites her tongue, instead moaning to Kate who doesn’t quite understand Jade’s problem with it.

However, later in Charlie’s when Jade sees Nicky adjusting Kyle’s tie, she misreads the situation and flips out, telling Nicky she thinks its disgusting that she’s taking advantage of Kyle. When Nicky explains that it was all innocent, Jade tries to apologise, but Nicky’s not interested. She sacks Jade as her trainer and refuses to help Kyle.

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