The Woolie provides the perfect location for smitten Harriet to chance her arm with Dom. A few drinks in the new village and the vicar forgets her troubles with her new parishioners and tries to get flirty with the single dad…

Swallowing her doubts, Alicia allows Leyla to babysit Jacob. The little boy soon has his estranged biological mum wrapped round his little finger as he persuades her to let him stay up and eat pizza. He ends up confiding in Leyla, which thrills her but gets the opposite reaction from Alicia. Jealous about the bond between mother and son, she tells David her sister, Leyla, has to go.

The Dingles celebrate Sam’s release, but they’re confused as Rachel’s nowhere to be seen. When news trickles through that Rachel has confessed to starting the Home Farm fire, Sam panics as he notices Rachel and Archie’s things are missing… Charity revels in her moment of glory as her estranged husband Jai learns Rachel has gone AWOL with his beloved son Archie.