Harriet turns detective for Finn (VIDEO)

Harriet’s at a bit of a loose end after losing her job as the village vicar, so she’s intrigued when Pollard suggests that she could help with something – he wants to hire her as a private detective to track down Finn’s estranged mum, Emma. When the B&B owner tells Finn and Victoria that he’s found someone to search for the missing Mrs Barton,  former police detective Harriet is confident that she can help.

Robert’s managed to prevent Chrissie from reporting Ross to the police, but just when he thinks he has the situation under control it all starts to unravel again. When Chrissie returns from the salon, having got the lowdown on Ross’s past crimes, she becomes even more convinced that he was involved in the robbery at Home Farm and prepares to call the police. Will Ross manage to flee the village before the cops come calling?

At Archie’s party, Megan arrives with a present that has apparently been sent by Rachel. Ali’s delighted, of course, because it means her sister must be OK. Jai, meanwhile, worries that this means Rachel is lurking somewhere not too far away, but is stunned when Megan makes a shock confession…