Harriet’s arrested at Ali and Ruby’s wedding!

Disaster strikes on Ruby and Ali’s wedding day when they get a call from the register office to say the ceremony’s been cancelled because the registrar has died! Harriet offers to give them a blessing as an alternative, but then decides to go the whole hog by giving them a proper wedding. The only trouble is she hasn’t got permission from the bishop! That’s by the by though because as newlyweds Ruby and Ali leave the church, Harriet gets arrested by DI Bails. Obviously, he has found out that she broke into his office…

After his clandestine liaison with Aaron, Robert panics when the mechanic starts doing business with Chrissie, and after finding out what Jai has done, Megan’s incredulous when he decides to attend Ruby and Ali’s wedding. What has he done?

Before heading to Ruby and Ali’s wedding, Belle has a bit of a wobble and tells her parents, Zak and Lisa, that she doesn’t want to go to church because it reminds her of Gemma, but they don’t listen and the family head to the church.

Later, however, as Ruby and Ali walk down the aisle, Belle suddenly dashes out saying she needs some air. Is there more to Belle’s behaviour than meets the eye?