Harrison attacks Jack!

Jack visits all of Lauren’s old haunts, but gets frustrated as he trails the local bars and gets nowhere. Imogen remembers ‘The Den’, so Jack heads off there. Jack spots a photo board in the club and recognises Lauren in one of the pictures with a man’s hand on her waist although he can’t see his face.

Jack pockets the photo and leaves a message for Harrison, saying he thinks he has a lead and is going to use the lab to investigate. At the lab, Jack zooms in on the photo and is shocked as he recognises the mystery man. As Jack tries to escape, Harrison arrives and attacks him.

Elsewhere, Julia spends the morning baking with Chloe. She’s annoyed when Patrick is late picking Chloe up and grows suspicious when Patrick arrives without Sally. Patrick makes his excuses before Julia can question him, so Julia is forced to watch them leave.

Also, after helping an aspiring actor during the day, Freya offers to take Kevin out that evening to take his mind off the investigation.