Harrison frames Kevin

When Kevin wakes in a police cell, Jimmi checks him over and advises him to tell the truth, but Kevin is sure they won’t believe him. In the interview room, Kevin starts to crumble as DI Driver interrogates him. Harrison observes this over a video link and learns that after leaving Lauren on the night of her death, he went to his gran’s grave. Harrison gets an idea…

As Driver and Rob concede they don’t think Kevin did it, Harrison goes to The Mill to retrieve Kevin’s medical bag from Julia. Later at his lab, Jack interrupts Harrison, saying Kevin couldn’t have been the killer – how would he know which finger to cut off? That information was never released! Harrison says he’s sure it was released, so Jack leaves deflated.

Harrison transfers Kevin’s fingerprints from his stethoscope to the blood stained knife that Harrison used to cut off Lauren’s finger. Later, Harrison buries the knife near Kevin’s gran’s grave to frame him for Lauren’s murder.

Also, Elaine is unsettled when she learns that one of her patients informed Lauren about her imminent death.