Harrison gets a grilling from Driver

It’s the day of Harrison’s formal police interview and the enormity of what he has done starts to dawn on him as he waits in his cell for his solicitor Rachel Betts to arrive. Rachel proves a formidable opponent for DCI Driver who struggles to get anywhere in the interview. Harrison even goes so far as to suggest that Jack killed Lauren!

DCI Driver tells Harrison that everyone knows he tried to kill Jack because he discovered his relationship with Lauren. Harrison tries to claim the horrific sights he has witnessed over the years in his job have had a terrible effect on him. When things start to get heated, Driver suspends the interview.

Eventually, Driver’s relentless questioning scores her first victory and Harrison’s smug face disappears as she calls him a scumbag like The Scraper. As Driver gets personal, Harrison lunges across the desk at her – but when he’s apprehended, Harrison gives a full confession!

Meanwhile, Julia struggles to get things back to normal as Kevin returns to work and patients refuse to see him. When Julia suggests he goes to Daniel with any problems, Kevin takes it as a sign that she doesn’t trust him any more.

Angry that he’s still being punished for something he didn’t do, Kevin admits he just wants to finish his training and leave.