Harrison is called to Lauren’s

Harrison gets the call he’s been dreading; Lauren’s body has been found and he’s been called in. Rob also gets the call and Jack overhears. At Lauren’s house, Jimmi tells DI Driver that Lauren’s been dead for five or six days.

When Harrison is delayed by a car crash, scene of crime officer, Jenny, is authorised to go inside. Harrison finally arrives and, against Rob’s wishes, lets Jack observe. Jack says this may be the work of The Scraper.

Harrison panics when Jenny finds some red wine drops at the bottom of the dishwasher that could contain his saliva. She swabs the evidence, but Harrison takes the tubes, claiming to log them himself. He goes outside, looking for something to destroy the evidence.

Rob wants to take the samples, but Harrison stalls – he has to do the labels. He ‘accidentally’ rips them and sends Jack for some more before swabbing some wine from a neighbour’s recycling box and replacing the incriminating swabs. Will Harrison get away with murder?

At the police station, Julia tries to calm Mrs Tembe, assuring her Lauren’s death isn’t her fault. Julia’s quizzed by Driver, who asks about boyfriends. Julia mentions Kevin and reveals their relationship was ‘complicated’.

Later, Julia asks if she can be the one to tell Kevin. The next morning, she goes with Rob to tell Kevin just as he arrives home drunk. When he hears about Lauren, he throws up in a bush.