Harrison’s arrested!

The Hollins family rush to the hospital, where Jack lies in a coma after being attacked by Harrison. Karen and Imogen sit by his side as Rob vows to catch the culprit. Finding Jack’s notes on the case, Rob talks to Kevin, who recalls Jack’s theory that Lauren was two-timing him.

Elaine suggests to Rob that she had suspected there was a flirtation between Lauren and Harrison, but she quickly discounts this, leaving Rob with another dead end. At the hospital, Imogen remembers that he was heading to The Den.

Rob heads to the club, and spots a gap on the photoboard where a picture has been removed and discovers there’s also a website gallery. At home, Rob and Imogen scroll through the gallery when Imogen notices Lauren’s picture – but the man’s face is still unclear.

Suddenly, Imogen notices the man’s watch and, putting two and two together, Rob realises it’s Harrison! Rob and Imogen race back to Jack’s room, where they find Harrison threatening Jack’s life.

Rob tries to wrestle Harrison when Karen comes into the room takes a swing at him. As Harrison is finally arrested, Driver commends Rob’s efforts – but the victory is short lived as Jack is still in his coma.

Also, Cherry is keen to help a soldier seeking pain relief, but Kevin has to step in when her safety is compromised.