Harrison’s nervous as The Scraper is quizzed

DI Stapleton from Maybrook CID views Peter Michaels in his police cell with disgust. Meanwhile, Rob confronts Jack about his leak regarding the Scraper – it’s front page news! Rob apologises to Harrison, who says Rob owes him.

DI Driver reveals that Maybrook CID think they’ve caught The Scraper so they’d better head over there. Harrison thinks he should go too and as Rob backs him up, Driver agrees. When they arrive, Stapleton reveals that they’re pretty sure Michaels is The Scraper.

Rob and Driver talk to Michaels, who is intrigued to hear about a victim in Letherbridge. He wants to know all about her as Harrison watches with worry on a monitor. When Stapleton and Driver are out of the way, Michaels decides to talk to Rob, and Harrison panics, running to get the two DIs.

When they both return, Michaels gives his airtight alibi for the night of Lauren’s murder – it couldn’t have been him. Outside, Driver says they have a copycat killer on their hands… and it’s someone in Letherbridge!

Also, Mrs Tembe decides to fight back when her efforts to twin Letherbridge with Tlokweng are ridiculed.