Harry and Karl are worried about Zeke

Zeke’s anxiety is getting worse as he continues to protect Sunny. Harry remains seriously worried about his behaviour and drops hints to Karl. Karl decides to pay Zeke a visit at the radio station so he can watch for any strange behaviour. However, the manager of the show thinks it’s a great idea to have Dr Karl answer listener’s questions, and invites him to be on the show. When Karl catches Zeke’s overprotective behaviour towards Sunny he forces him to admit he has a problem.

Sunny apologises to Donna for trying to ruin the Deb ball, but Donna won’t accept her apology. To prove that she’s serious about the Deb, and her friendship with Donna, Sunny asks Kate to teach her how to dance. In doing so, Sunny discovers that Kate is a really talented dancer.

When Kate sees Donna she shows her the video she took of Sunny dancing, and Donna realises that Sunny really can’t dance and decides to forgive her. When Sunny sprains her ankle and Donna goes to call Dr Karl, Kate begs her not to, saying that nobody can know about her dancing. She swears her friends to secrecy and they lie to protect her secret.