As Ruth remains in a coma, Harry tries to forget about what he read in her diary, but a look around A&E makes him realise that the team are still under pressure. Harry tells Marylin that they are responsible for Ruth’s situation – she made a fatal mistake trying to meet targets – and he suggests making the scathing diary public.

Marylin insists they can’t do anything about the pressures of targets and under-funding, and even offers Harry a bonus for achieving greater efficiency. Marylin then threatens Harry that if the diary went public, the board would lose their jobs. Later, Harry saves a patient’s life – but he’s still at odds over what to do with Ruth’s diary.

Elsewhere, paramedic Snezana joins the team, and while Jeff likes her, Dixie doesn’t take to her at all. Toby is in the pub with Maggie’s pregnant daughter Joanne and is having fun, until Joanne goes into labour. When the paramedics finally arrive, Snezana delivers the baby single-handed, impressing Dixie, who gives her a job.

Also, Maggie’s delighted to be a grandmother, but feels guilty that she wasn’t part of Joanne’s labour.