Harry hosts an Empire Exhibition

Plans are steaming ahead for the Empire Exhibition, but as Agnes finds it hard to cope, Henri makes a surprise appearance at Harry’s home and Harry apologises to him and asks him to come back to the store. As he turns up and offers to help Agnes, she is delighted and they create a spectacular display, but Victor is put out at the closeness between them, while Mr Thackeray is also less than impressed by his return.

Meanwhile, as Europe descends into crisis, tensions increase between Harry and Rose, but after a heart-to-heart with son Gordon, Rose rejects Harry’s suggestion that she returns to America where she will be safer and insists on staying by her husband’s side, but war with Germany is finally declared.

Elsewhere, Mae places her jewels at the bank to keep them safe from her husband and she finds out that Loxley has gambling debts. Later when he discovers that she has put a new lock on her bedroom door, she threatens to spread the news that he is bankrupt.

Mr Grove’s troubles exacerbate when Harry discovers how is he is struggling to maintain his usual efficiency and gives him a final warning, meanwhile Miss Mardle has inherited a lavish home from her brother and Grove suggests she could take in lodgers.