Karen Fisher finds her talents as a mother and as an educator tested when her own son Harry takes drastic action to get her attention after being bullied.

Karen doesn’t even know that Harry suffers from bulimia, but she finds out after Year 11 bad boy Finn relentlessly torments the younger boy because Harry thwarted Finn’s plans to sleep with his sister, Jess. Desperate for help, but not knowing how to ask for it, Harry nearly drowns himself in the school pool. The unhappy boy and his tormentor find themselves in Karen’s office, and Harry finally tells his mum the truth about his bulimia.

Stunned, Karen wonders just what kind of mother she is. Well, she’s not the kind Vicki wants. Having moved in with the Fishers to be part of a happy family’s life, Vicki sees them falling apart and realises she needs to find somewhere else to live.

Clever clogs Ruth, who knows a lot but doesn’t know how to make friends, finds she’s popular with fellow pupils when she enters an Interschool Debating Contest. Ronan thinks he can make money with her talent – but Ruth isn’t quite the sure bet he thought…

One thing that is for sure is that Janeece is having a baby – and she goes into labour at school. Get her in the Biology class, quick!