Harry Potter’s fourth year at Hogwarts finds him in the first throes of adolescence – which means he faces even more trials and torments than before. Chosen as one of the school’s two champions, he must brave the hazards of the Triwizard tournament – a perilous contest between representatives of three wizarding schools. But the new ordeal of asking a girl out on a date for the Yule Ball proves every bit as daunting.

Harry’s encounters with the opposite sex (including Miranda Richardson’s muckraking reporter Rita Skeeter and Shirley Henderson’s ghostly Moaning Myrtle) provide moments of light relief, but when the film came out in 2005 most viewers agreed this was the darkest episode the series had so far seen. Of course, as we know, far greater darkness and evil lay in store…

The Death Eaters turning a Quidditch festival into a battlefield, Robert Pattinson’s supporting role as Cedric Diggory and Ralph Fiennes’s first show down with Harry as the snake-like Voldemort provide more than enough darkness to be getting on with here.