On the outer of Andrew and Summer’s seemingly growing romance, Harry is ready to throw in the towel. But when Declan reminds him how badly Andrew treated Donna, Harry misinterprets his comments and believes he is telling him to play dirty. Harry unleashes Callum and Sophie onto Andrew, allowing him more alone time with Summer. But Andrew is onto him and while impressed with Harry’s underhandedness, the gloves are now off.

Eager to prove to Lucas there are no cracks in her relationship with Toadie, Steph attempts to win over Callum. Starting with an apology for taking up all of Toadie’s time, Steph engineers an opportunity for Callum and Toadie to spend some quality ‘man-time’ together. But while Callum and the rest of the community are on board, Lucas is unconvinced. Toadie comes up with an idea but will it be enough to keep Lucas off the scent?

Andrew drops by and idly asks if Summer has noticed that Harry is a bit of a weirdo and a loner. He thinks Harry needs a girl in his life because he’s always in his room by himself. Pretending to have Harry’s best interests at heart, Andrew suggests they get Harry a girlfriend. Summer has an idea…

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