Summer and Harry take to the street to try and clean up Andrew’s mess. A thoughtful Harry suspects that something must really have upset Andrew to make him act the way he did, but Summer is less concerned. She couldn’t care less. Andrew is set to head back to Sydney, and Harry’s scared about losing his cousin and his best friend, so he goes to Andrew and tries to convince him to stay in the street. Harry says that he will sacrifice his own feelings for Summer so that it’s easier for Andrew to stick around. Harry selflessly talks to Summer about the feelings he knows she has for Andrew – but will she confess how she really feels about Ramsay Street’s young bad boy?

Meanwhile, Libby, eager to support Ben in his love of soccer, studies hard so that she can assist Andrew as coach. But after Andrew’s latest stunt, she feels as though she has no choice but to remove him from his position. The kids need a new coach, but Toadie says he’s too busy with work. Libby has no other option but to step forward herself, and figures that the whole soccer thing can’t be too hard. But just how will she cope?

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