Jodie insists she’s moving out. Vanessa arranges for Harry to pick her up to talk so that Darren can collect Jodie’s things. Harry threatens Jodie, takes Vanessa’s jewellery then menacingly tells Vanessa he wants to say goodbye ‘the old fashioned way’. Back in the Square, Vanessa lies to Jodie that Harry dropped her stuff off. Jodie makes up with her mum. Later, a brick smashes through the window….

Roxy brings Ronnie boxes of wedding samples. Ronnie says it’s too expensive and she wants a simple wedding. Ronnie finds out that Kat and Alfie are renewing their vows on the same day as her wedding to Jack. Ronnie changes her mind about having a quiet do. Roxy goes to a cash point with Glenda and is stunned when her card is rejected – she’s spent her millions!

Jane gets a call from Denise who tells her that Ian has read her secret bank account letter. Jane frantically searches for the letter, but it’s nowhere to be found. Christian suggests she make up a story about saving for a trip to Paris as a surprise Christmas present. Ian seems to buy the story and Christian offers to open a new bank account in Jane’s name.

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