Harry turns human bomb disposal man!

There’s an emergency on AAU this week when a patient, Dean, is brought into Holby with an unexploded rocket flare embedded in his chest. It’s no surprise that maverick doctor Harry Tressler (Jules Knight) wants in on the case, especially as Ric thinks he’s not focusing enough on his medical work.

As the Bomb Disposal Unit assess how they can remove the device from Dean without detonating it, Dean arrests and, wanting to prove himself to Ric, Harry pushes his way in to resuscitate him, coming into direct contact with the device – and he can’t move his hand for fear of setting it off! Can Holby avoid a full-scale disaster?

Meanwhile, Arthur starts to buckle under the pressure of Hanssen’s attention and puts a patient at risk when he panics.

And some unexpected patient’s relatives give Jac and Jonny an idea to lift Elliot’s mood – but his reaction takes them by surprise…