Harry’s caught between Clarissa and Liz

Harry invites Liz out for the day to celebrate another milestone towards getting his divorce finalised and she is happy to accept. After a pleasant day out, Harry suggests to Liz that they go back to his flat for a nightcap, unaware that Clarissa is waiting for Harry to return to a candlelit meal. Clarissa is furious when Harry turns up with Liz and she furiously confronts him, while a rattled Liz makes a speedy exit.

Fiz is finding it increasingly difficult to avoid John, as he seems to be there wherever she turns. But when Norris makes a barbed remark to him in the Kabin, Fiz finds herself coming to his defence and a surprised Kelly wonders if Fiz still has feelings for him.

Tyrone overhears an excited Molly talking to her Aunty Pam about their wedding. Molly has told Tyrone that she’s happy with something that won’t stretch their finances but Tyrone starts to wonder if she really will be happy with the small wedding they have planned and worries about disappointing his bride-to-be.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Liz is furious that Clarissa has wrecked her evening with Harry and she tells him to call her. Harry is surprised that Clarissa wants him back but he won’t play the game and she throws his dinner at the wall! Liz waits for Harry’s call and is surprised when Clarissa storms into the pub. The two women get involved in a slanging match and Harry escorts Clarissa out. Liz is sure Harry will be back for her but he gives in to Clarissa.

Dev is delighted that he has hit it off with Prem and the pair chat about life and business over a drink at the golf club bar. Prem starts Dev thinking about his future and he admits his life has been on hold since his split with Sunita.

Tyrone decides to take Jack’s advice and give Molly ‘the wedding she really wants’. Tyrone realises that he’ll need to do a second job to make up the money and he tries to get some shifts at Streetcars but is left disappointed when Steve knocks him back.

Also, Jason and Becky arrive home from their holiday to the news that Michelle and Steve have split up; Ken rediscovers his manuscript for a novel he started as a student.