Harry’s end?

Harry anxiously prepares for the board meeting knowing that profits aren’t up as much as he’d hoped. Lord Loxley tells Harry that the board is proposing a vote of no confidence in him as Chairman. However, Harry mounts a solid defence and Loxley comes unstuck as it becomes clear that his motivation is entirely personal. Harry’s voted to stay!   
Miss Mardle hands in her letter of resignation. But some stern words from Mr Crabb bring a stubborn Mr Grove to his senses, and he finally makes amends with Miss Mardle.
Elsewhere, Victor rebuffs Violette’s attempt to win back his affections, and she reluctantly heads to Paris to await Jacques’ proposal.
Gordon finally admits to Harry that he’s dating Grace. His dad disapproves and tells him to break things off if he wants to keep his job. But Gordon decides he wants to be with Grace no matter what.  
Meanwhile, Princess Marie finds evidence that proves Gus is too young to be the real Mr Tom Gerrard. She reports her findings to Harry, and Gus is arrested. Nancy feigns shock but, knowing it’s only a matter of time before she’s rumbled too, decides to take the money and run.
However, unable to fight her feelings for Harry, she soon returns to face the music. Harry isn’t able to forgive her and tells her to leave.
Emotionally shattered, Harry heads to Colleano’s and seats himself at a gambling table with a drink – two of his most dangerous vices. We somehow know he’s headed in a downward spiral…