Harry’s in trouble with the CIA

Harry tells his team that he intends to ‘take’ Jim Coaver, as he suspects that he is the one who has been passing information. Meanwhile, Ruth’s left MI5 and she’s now working for the Home Secretary in the government. But she’s contacted again by MI5, and arranges to meet Harry – without the knowledge of her new boss.

In Harry’s car, he tells her that he needs her to do one last mission for him to help him uncover what’s really going on. But what they don’t realise is that the car has been bugged by Sasha.

Meanwhile, MI5 manage to intercept Jim Coaver on his way to the airport. They want to hold him – against his will and without the knowledge of the CIA. But Ruth – under pressure from the Home Secretary, who thinks she knows where Jim is being held, reveals what she knows; her loyalty to her old job and new being put to the test.

The Americans turn up, and tell Harry that they need to surrender Jim or force will be used against them. Unwillingly, they hand Jim Coaver over. On the way out of the building, a man rushes up to them and tells them he is from the CIA and that they need to give up Jim. It’s all hands on deck as MI5 realise they have handed him over to the wrong people.

They give chase on the van that took Jim, and they throw him out – killing him almost instantly.

The CIA say it is on Harry’s head, and they arrange to pick him up and take him to America.

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