Harry is showing Crabb a motor car he wants to put in a window display when Henri tells him Agnes has resigned following her father’s shameful behaviour.

Victor visits Agnes, pleased that she’s not working at the store as it gives them a chance to be a couple, and they kiss.

Harry goes to Agnes’s house and tells her he refuses to accept her resignation and pays off Reg, threatening trouble if he ever shows his face again.
Roddy apologises to Rose for his behaviour and shows the portrait he’s painted of her. He seizes the moment and kisses her, but Beatrice suddenly walks in!

An unhinged Ellen calls at the Selfridge home and reveals to Rose she’s been having an affair with Harry. Rose pretends she isn’t shocked and tells her she’s one of many, but secretly she’s devastated.

Kitty points out to Victor that Henri and Agnes make a handsome couple and it appears the couple are growing closer. Victor storms out and decides to take Lady Mae up on her advances…

Harry and Rose have a massive row about Ellen and he storms off to his club and hits the whisky, but Ellen arrives and tells him she loves him. He sees her off and heads to the store, drunk and gets into the car. He drives off, but crashes!