Harry’s ordered to fire Nathan

As consultant manager, Harry has six months to turn the emergency department around, and his new boss, Marilyn Fox gives him his first job – fire Nathan. Already feeling bad about what he has to do given Nathan’s recent problems, Harry’s forced to put off the deed while he deals with a series of emergencies.

Under pressure from Marilyn to carry out her instructions, Harry eventually gives Nathan his marching orders, leaving Adam in charge of resus. Nathan pleads with Harry to keep his job: it’s all he has left.

As he leaves, Nathan wishes Harry luck. And it looks like Harry will need all the luck he can get as he reveals to the staff that they are set to become the first privatised emergency department in the country.

Elsewhere, Ruth seriously misdiagnoses the patient, but gets away with it by blaming Nadia. Looks like Ruth’s just made her first enemy…

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