Harvey has a shock in store

Xavier can’t understand why the police changed their story at Sasha’s trial and, after some digging, uncovers evidence that Sergeant Watson was instructed to raise Sasha’s charges to murder even though she’d felt it was a case of self defence. In the end, the jury finds her not guilty and Sasha and Xavier celebrate with an impromptu swim at the beach… where they finally admit their feelings to one another.

Marilyn’s new hairdressing client, Melissa, turns out to be Harvey’s ex-wife and she soon tracks him down. Harvey is stunned to hear her demands, however – she wants his house for her and their daughter, Lottie. Unaware of the circumstances, Roo takes Harvey home from hospital to recuperate at her place.

Ruby’s surprised to catch Steve about to smoke a joint and he ditches it to placate her. But when the pair are packing for the flight to the next competition, Steve stashes a large bag of marijuana in her flight bag…