Harvey is stunned to find that Roo has invited ‘Marky Mark’ to be his best man. He tries to call him to cancel but his old friend – real name Winston – suddenly arrives. Unable to take Harvey’s various hints to leave, Winston starts to get Harvey back into his old bad habits.

Later, as Roo returns home with Marilyn, they find Winston and Harvey wrestling on the floor… and Marilyn realises Winston is the disastrous first date she had through the internet dating company.

Dex is seemingly unaware he’s had a seizure and carries on as normal, even suggesting to April they go to Angelo’s for lunch. However, he starts to feel the effects of the seizure at lunch and when he gets into an argument with Heath about Bianca, April asks Heath to drive them home. When he gets home, Romeo realises something’s wrong and Dex asks him to drive him to hospital.

Bianca apologises to Liam for her behaviour; her relationship with Adam is over. She wonders, however, how she’s going to make up with Heath. Meanwhile, Bianca talks to Gina about coming back to work again, but Gina insists she’s going to have to have counselling first. On Irene’s advice, she visits Rocco’s grave, where she runs into Heath. She tries to apologise but Heath tells her he can’t have anything to do with her…