Peggy tells Dot and Liz that she’s got herself a new man, but asks them not to tell Pat. Meanwhile, Pat goes for lunch with Harvey at the cafe and introduces him to Dot and Liz. Harvey later bumps into Peggy, who tells Dot he’s her new man. Dot tells Peggy and Pat that they’re both dating the same man and Harvey scarpers.

Jane, Roxy and Lucy find Christian face down in a pool of blood and call an ambulance. Zainab is shocked when Lucy confronts her about the attack. Masood confesses he saw Christian in trouble, but didn’t help him. Jane later tells Masood that Zainab has known about the affair since Syed’s wedding.

Fatboy takes one of Whitney’s t-shirt designs to Becca and she has them made up into t-shirts. Becca smugly wears the t-shirt in front of Whitney, but is surprised to discover that it’s not one of Whitney’s designs after all. Becca is fuming when Fatboy tells her that he’s not going to sell out his mates for a girl.

Also, Ian brings the tropics to Walford as a surprise for Jane; Ronnie convinces Roxy to end their feud; Zsa Zsa gets another present from her mystery admirer.

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