Winston comes up with a series of extravagant buck’s night ideas, but Harvey insists on a subdued celebration. Eventually, Winston’s constant badgering pushes Harvey too far and he orders him to leave. But, later, as he heads back from a long walk, Harvey is kidnapped and shoved into the back of a car – it’s the start of Winston’s buck’s night fun… Marilyn suddenly realises she should have planned a hen night for Roo and frantically scrabbles around for suitable ideas, enlisting Alf to give feedback. Frustrated, Marilyn decides to tell Roo she’s simply forgotten to arrange anything but when she faces her she can’t go through with it. She’s going to have to arrange something no matter what!

Meanwhile, Jett starts getting messages from VJ, who’s seemingly asking for help from his friend. He says Leah won’t tell him where they are and to ask Liam. When he does, Liam checks with Leah and realises that someone’s hacked into VJ’s chat account – it must be Jamie trying to trick them into revealing Leah’s whereabouts.

And Lisa tells Sid she’s returning to Neil so he doesn’t target Sid’s family. After things have calmed down, she’ll leave him for good.