Matthew Marsh (Spooks) guest stars in a case that is very personal to DS Jamie Bamber, an officer who thinks he can deal with anything – until his best friend and fellow officer is shot dead…

Jamie has known the dead officer, Pete Garvey, since they were boys. They went through a lot together when they were growing up and it’s one particular incident that sets alarm bells ringing as Matt investigates the death of his friend with the help of DS Ronnie Brooks. Matt discovers that Pete had recently been in contact with their childhood parish priest Jonathan Nugent (Matthew Marsh). Sins to confess, perhaps? That’s not what Matt thinks. Pete told him that Nugent sexually abused him when he was a boy and Matt thinks Nugent killed Pete to shut him up. After all, Nugent’s now a married man with kids and wouldn’t want anyone saying he’s a paedophile. But the other side of the argument is that there’s no proof Nugent’s ever done anything wrong.

And proof is what Senior Crown Prosecutor James Steel and his assistant, Alesha Phillips, need if they’re going to be able to convict Nugent. They can’t charge him with Pete’s death but, with a bit of clever thinking, they come up with something they can use to bring the case to a close.