Aaron’s so angry and emotional that he’s barely capable of walking and definitely can’t think straight, so he certainly shouldn’t be driving. But he gets in a car as Chas tries to talk to him, so she gets in with him. Getting angrier, Aaron starts driving and Chas gets worried as he becomes more emotional. She grabs the handbrake, desperate to stop the car, but Aaron can’t control it and they swerve off the road into a ditch…

Paddy can’t control his curiosity and asks Laurel about Marlon’s interest in a certain lady. Paddy thinks it must be one of the single mums at the playgroup who has caught his eye, but Laurel realises exactly who it is: her! Marlon hasn’t got time for anyone but Leo, though, after Paddy asks him to babysit while he goes on a call-out. Er, Paddy – Rhona’s not going to like that!

Sam doesn’t much like Rachel and tries to avoid her at the playgroup. She is one scary woman! But Rachel doesn’t want to avoid Sam and insists on buying him a cake at the cafe. Hmmmm, now Sam’s scared – and suspicious!

*Second episode*

For weeks now Aaron has been an accident waiting to happen. Well, now it’s happened. While he was out of his mind with anger and grief he lost control of the car he was driving, which had Chas in the passenger seat. He’s conscious, she’s not. Cain has seen the accident and races to the scene, where he finds Chas covered in blood and Aaron covered in self-loathing.

Nikhil is being covered in humiliation the factory. He needs the girls to work overtime to fill the orders (the ones that Charity fiddled – but he doesn’t realise that), but they’re not in the mood to do him any favours. They make it clear that their co-operation will cost Nikhil – and it will be more than the price of a cream cake for their teabreak. Even Gennie can’t sweet-talk them into packing extra sweets. So, what’s going on? Why the bad attitude? Gennie starts to get an idea when Chas warns her that Nikhil needs to watch his back…

Paddy needs to be careful, too, as Rhona’s on the warpath – again. She’s not happy about him leaving Leo with Marlon, but Paddy doesn’t understand why – until Rhona tells him.