Al tells Kevin that he and Jackie are still up for coming to the pub that evening but as everyone’s getting ready to go, Al gets a text from Jackie: her sister is unexpectedly in town and she’s going out with her. Suspicious, Kevin is relentless in asking Al more and more details about his girlfriend to the point where Jas has to tell him to stop – he’s being rude and he could well be barking up the wrong tree. 

Later, Al gets another text from ‘Jackie’; he has to go and join her and her sister. Kevin suggests they all come along, but Al says it’s a private members’ club. As soon as he’s gone, Kevin insists he and Jas follow him. They tail Al down the high street to a strip club and Jas defends Al; maybe that’s what his girlfriend is into? Kevin shakes his head and insists they go inside, where they find Al all alone watching a private show.

This clinches it for both Jas and Kevin – Al must be Jas’s stalker! Kevin asks if Jas wants to come and stay at his but she says no; now she knows it’s Al, she knows he’s harmless, besides, the messages seem to have stopped. This is not enough for Kev, who goes to warn Al off, but Jas stops him – she still feels Al’s a mate and wants to handle this her own way. She makes Kevin promise not to tell anyone what Al’s been up to.

Howard reminds Emma and Zara that there’s pressure on them to be lowering their prescribing rates. Both women want to know who’s leading the way, so invite Howard to the Icon hoping to loosen his tongue with a few pints. The two work together to uncover the truth and, eventually, Howard relents – Daniel’s actually streets ahead of them. Emma and Zara are annoyed as Howard simply smiles and thanks them for the drinks.

Also, a grieving girl turns to a psychic for help, much to Mrs Tembe’s annoyance.