Has Al met his dream woman?

A confident Al is ready for his talk and tells Jimmi he’ll wing it. When he gets there, Al meets an older student, Isabelle, who’s clearly in awe of him. After the talk, Isabelle finds Al again and makes it obvious she likes him. Jimmi’s amused and works hard to convince Al she was fliting with him. Al rushes off to find her but she’s already gone.

Heston plans a dinner party, but Ruhma points out that Ramadan will be starting soon, and she thinks the children will be fasting, which Heston cannot comprehend – teenagers without food! Heston quizzes Shak, who tells him that he and some friends are going to help out at a local homeless hostel. He recommends Heston do some research! He does so, and surprises Ruhma when he tells her that he would like to join them for Ramadan. She worries about his health, but he insists he’ll be careful.

Also, Sid tries to persuade a University lecturer to stop taking drugs – but can he do it in time?