Michael wants to ensure that Alice won’t back out of his plan to rid himself of Janine and he uses his manipulative ways to persuade her when she gets nervous. Realising Alice is terrified, Michael passionately kisses her to calm her nerves. As Alice heads to Janine’s, Michael goes to the Vic’s Halloween party to wait for news from Alice. After a worrying call, Michael heads home to find a distraught Alice with blood on her hands…

Lucy and Peter plan a scary movie night at the Beales’ for Halloween, but they don’t want Cindy there. When a suspicious Cindy doesn’t want to go out, Lola comes up with a plan to get her to babysit Sadie’s daughter Bella. As the film night gets underway, the teens are rattled to hear strange noises from outside, jumping out of their skins when Cindy scares them!

Billy has hidden the money raised for Dot’s church fund to teach Danny a lesson after Danny takes credit for Billy’s star turn in the footie match. Danny panics to find the money missing, steeling himself to confess to Dot. When Billy ‘finds’ the money and is hailed a hero, Danny realises what Billy has been up to. To Billy’s surprise, Danny says he’s earned his respect.