Has Alisha been killed too?

After Alisha Danniels confesses that Tito Morientes and Dwayne Fox shot Carly Samuels, Sun Hill launch raids on their flats, but while Tito is arrested, Dwayne is missing. At the station, Alisha reveals she was at Tito’s house when he and Dwayne told her they’d shot Carly while trying to frighten rival gang leader, Marlon Reed.

Later, Dwayne’s manager, Marco Oliver, agrees to help the officers catch their second suspect, and an undercover sting is arranged. After a lengthy chase, Sergeant Smithy catches Dwayne and arrests him. Alisha admits she was in the car with Tito and Dwayne when they shot Carly – but she doesn’t know who was driving.

As Alisha is the key witness to Carly’s murder, she and her father Oscar are placed under police protection. Later, they are dropped off at the estate by Smithy – but as Alisha apologises to Carly’s mum Leanne, a car comes speeding out of nowhere, sending Alisha flying into the air.

Has the only witness in the murder case been killed?

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