Has Amy’s plan worked?!

Amy has been trying to drink herself sick enough to lose her baby. She’s too far gone to have an abortion so she wants to have a miscarriage. She feels scared and alone and, after all that foul-mouthed Cain has said to her, she feels pretty worthless. On another drinking binge at the pavilion it looks like her plan is working, too. Belle finds her suffering agonising pains in her stomach and Amy’s sure she’s losing the baby, but poor Belle didn’t even know she’s pregnant!

Nikhil doesn’t know Gennie has a date with dishy Nicky and Charity has convinced him to go and tell her how he feels. But how he feels is absolutely gutted when he sees Gennie with dishy Nicky. Well, Nikhil, you had your chance. In fact, you’ve had weeks of chances and didn’t take any of them!

A few weeks ago, Hazel took her chance to go travelling, but the road she took has led her back to Emmerdale. She walks into the cafe (sorry Brenda: upmarket coffee bar) and Bob’s happiness is written all over his face. Aaron’s a different matter, though…

*Second episode*

Belle’s frightened for Amy and wants to get help. That’s the last thing Amy wants! She wants to lose the baby and that’s what she tells a shocked Belle. But that makes Belle even more determined to tell people what’s happening. To stop her, Amy lets her call an ambulance. At the hospital Amy gets the news she didn’t want to hear: her baby’s alive. Devastated, Amy tries to phone Val at the B&B, but hangs up quickly when Cain answers. Alone in the hospital, all Amy has is a picture of her baby and her fears for her future…

Nikhil’s future with Gennie doesn’t look at all promising. He knows she’s on a date with dishy Nicky, but Charity tells him to get out there and fight for his girl. Surprisingly, Nikhil heads off to do just that. But before he gets to Gennie he sees Nicky kissing her – and Gennie kissing him back.

There’s not much love to be felt at Butler’s Farm. A recent inspection showed John needs a new refrigeration unit – and they don’t just grow on trees, you know. They come from a refrigeration plant and cost a lot of money – which John doesn’t have and which Moira worries about.