Andy’s used to finding stray sheep on the roads so a pretty young woman in distress is a pleasant change – maybe. Her name’s Amy, her car has broken down and she says she’s pregnant so could Andy give her a lift? Andy quickly realises she’s no more pregnant than he is, but drives her to the garage. He draws the line at letting her sleep on his sofa, though, and points her in the direction of the B&B. Something tells us Pollard needs to lock away the silver.

Farmer John and Moira have got Holly into counselling but they’re sadly mistaken if they think she’s cured… Her friend Roz visits and is shocked when she sees just how bad Holly’s habit is. Away from her parents, Holly begs Roz for some drugs and turns on her when she won’t give her any. John sees them argue and starts to wonder if Holly has really turned over a new leaf.

With all their attention on junkie daughter Holly, John and Moira have failed to notice that Hannah is having a crisis. It’s Diane who overhears Hannah talking to Victoria about the morning-after pill. So, no pregnancy surprise for Christmas then?

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