Andy Johnson arrives from social services as Sierra’s being treated for overdosing on paracetamol. After a disastrous interview with Bren, Andy asks to see Ayesha alone. She denies outright that Bren has a drink problem and Andy leaves, saying that he will be in touch. After he’s gone, Ayesha looks at Bren through Andy’s eyes. Who is she kidding? 

Jimmi suspects an old university friend, Fenton, may have diabetes when he notices that he has no feeling in his feet and suffers from terrible eyesight. Fenton confesses that his wife left him when he cheated on her and he hasn’t been looking after himself. Jimmi suggests he comes to The Mill to take a blood sugar test. Reluctantly, he agrees.

Niamh gives Zara a dressing down – if she blocked Emma’s appointment out of spite, it would be a pretty poor show. Zara asks Daniel if he thinks there is anything in what Niamh said – Daniel admits there could be, which gives Zara pause for thought.