Has Angelo lost the plot?

Belle is unimpressed when Angelo turns down Aden’s request to postpone his community service so he can study for his exam. Later, when Angelo walks past Aden and a group of people doing their community service, one of the others hurls a wet sponge at his back and Angelo immediately blames Aden. Belle asks Jack and Charlie to warn Angelo off, but unless she makes an official complaint, there’s nothing they can do.

While Murray sneaks round to Belle’s and swaps her camera memory card for the genuine one, Jack tells Angelo about Belle’s visit. Angelo storms round to Belle’s place where he goes ballistic, hurling furniture and abusing her. Aden arrives as Angelo is on his way out and finds Belle unconscious and bloodied on her bedroom floor.

Rachel decides to keep her pregnancy quiet and only tell Jack and Leah, but Tony doesn’t tell Jack when he sees how worried he is about Martha. But when Colleen sees Tony warning Rachel off a particular machine at the gym, and Rachel and Leah celebrating, she puts two and two together and ends up telling Jack about the pregnancy before Tony. Luckily, Jack is happy for his dad and joins in the celebrations.

Also, Kirsty tells Miles she wants to try again.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday January 13*

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